About Us

Sri Herbals – A new age cosmetic products company takes pride in providing its customers, products which are made from high quality ingredients. Incorporated in 2004, with our high quality cosmetic products, today we have carved a place of our own in the industry.

We specialize in Aloe Vera based products and bring you moisturizer, face cream, hair oil, shampoos and bathing soaps which are enriched with the natural goodness of Aloe Vera. All our products contain Aloe Vera which has been cultivated in 100% organic manner, thus bringing you the true essence of this herb.

Our state of art manufacturing unit employs the best possible quality control methods and safeguards at every stage of production, to meet the stringent and uncompromising quality standards we have set for ourselves. It is no surprise that the Aloe Gel resulting from these processes is always “food grade” and second to none.

Sri Herbals is driven by the vision of its founder Mr. Thangaraj, who felt compelled to answer his love for natural products following a highly successful enterprise in manufacturing mission critical electrical products like heavy duty transformers for statewide power supply.

Inspired by nature, and located in the midst of it, in Dindigul, Tamilnadu, in Southern India, Sri Herbals is reaching out to answer an ever increasing global need for quality cosmetic products.